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Recommended BluesilTM Complementary Products

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Product Description
Fluid 47V50* Non-reactive 50 cps silicone fluid used to lower the viscosity, soften, or dilute RTV2 systems.  Can be used with Addition or Condensation RTV2 systems.
PT Accelerator Platinum catalyst used to accelerate the cure of Addition RTV2 systems.
Cure Rate Retarder Cure rate modifier used to slow the cure of Addition RTV2 systems.
SP FX Deadener 10 Viscosity and resilience reduction additive for Addition cure systems.  Improves shock resistance and imparts a more “flesh-like” feel to the cured silicone.
Thixo Additive 22646 Additive used to impart a non-flowing consistency, allowing the compound to be brushed or troweled onto a model.  The additive changes the rheology from a flowable liquid to a non-slumping paste, while maintaining the excellent rubber properties of the base material.  Can be used with most Addition and Condensation cure systems.

* Other viscosities may be available.