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Vacuum & Fusion Molding

Elkem Silicones Solutions for Silicone Reusable Vacuum Bags for Faster Processing

The Challenge:
Historically the composite industry has been using plastic bags and tapes when casting models. This production step is time consuming and requires skilled personnel. When you want to make a new copy this production step starts over again.

The silicone vacuum infusion molding technology allows you to increase your production speed. The silicones are liquid solutions that you spray or brush where you previously placed the plastic bag and tapes. The silicone turns into an elastic film. After having casted your part, you peel off the silicone bag and use it again next time you mold.

The number of times you can use the silicone mold depend on the material composition you use in your process. Silicone reusable vacuum bags are an easy-to-use alternative to save time in your production steps.

Why Elkem Silicones?
Elkem Silicones offers customized services and solutions in order to respond to your specific needs. Come and talk to us about your specific requirements and possible issues and we will do our best to propose an adapted solution.

Our team of experts are at your service to provide advice, technical solutions and hands-on training for your technicians and operators.

Elkem Silicones delivers silicone solutions with a personal touch!

Key benefits:

  • Easy processing
  • Flexibility of shape
  • Room Temperature curing
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • No release of toxic substances
  • No need for sealing tapes


Product Range RTV 3720 SC AB RTV 3720 AB RTV 3428 A&B RTV 1556 A/B FC
Potlife (at 23°C, 50% relative
humidity, minutes, approx.)
60 3 60 15
Demolding time (at 23°C, 50%
relative humidity, minutes, approx.)
150 15 16 hours 30-60
Mixing 1:1 1:1 10:1 10.1
How to use Brush Spray Pouring Spray
Packaging Drums or small pails Pails or Bicartridges Small kits, pails & drums Drums or pails


Additive Range
Bluesil™ PT ACC Reduce working time
Bluesil™ Cure Rate
Increase working time
Bluesil™ Thixo Additive 22646 Thixotropic agent


Bag Preparation Aid
CAF 3 Gluing of bag to support
RTV 3535P A&B Sharp edge protection