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Bronze Foundry

Bluesil™ products for Bronze Foundry Molding will give you easy processing, outstanding library life, mold release capability, highly accurate reproduction and flexibility of molds.

Reproduction materials used:
→ Wax
→ Clay
→ Plaster

Choosing the best suited product:
→ For the print coat, V-1065/Hi-Pro Blue is perfectly adapted to the needs of the Bronze Foundry moldmaker. The product is easy to use and will reliably cure against common materials used for the master model. Once cured V-1065 will maintain its properties long after competitive products decompose.
→ For the brush-on coat, a variety of solutions are available to the molder to ensure a buttery paste-like consistency.  For simplicity we offer SDS Cat, a 10:1 catalyst which may be used with the print coat material, V-1065. If the molder prefers to dial in a specific  level of thickness, Additive 22646 may be used in ratios up to 3% in combination with our standard catalyst.  Finally, for those large jobs we also offer pre-thickened bases, Bluesil™ VRM.

Recommended BluesilTM RTV-2 Products for Bronze Foundry

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Product Characteristics before curing Curing Characteristics after curing
Appearance Mixed
Pot life at
25º C
at 25º C
(Sh A)
Tear Strength
Strength (psi)
flowable liquid 71,000 1.5* 5* 25 145 670 415
semi-sag paste 600,000 4.5 12 25 85 575 379
  *When catalyzed with Hi-Pro Blue


Complementary Products

Hi-Pro Blue
– Recommended catalyst for
print coat applications. Faster
cure to eliminate problems
with incompatibility. 10:1 mix
Hi-Pro Green
– Recommended catalyst for
brush-on applications. Slower
cure to allow longer work life.
10:1 mix ratio.
Thixo. Add. 22646
– Additive to turn the print-coat
into a thick paste, useful for
brush-on applications at 1-3%
addition by weight.
SDS Catalyst
– Thixotropic catalyst for
V-1065, 10:1 mix ratio.